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Facebook Home does have a market, Because it’s India

The reactions to Facebook‘s new mobile experience called Home have been diverse. Personally, this was the least thrilling announcement in a very long time. There is no optimistic for any network here, let alone the user. And then there are the privacy concerns, haven’t found any basis to use Home as default boot option (if that’s what it can be called). Facebook feed is filled with pictures of quotes that are tagged with several users. Having these pictures circle on the lock screen will be frustrating enough to either:

  1. Quit Facebook
  2. Disable Facebook Home

When thinking about the Indian consumer, seems like Facebook‘s idea to make any Android phone into a Facebook phone might drive a new range of devices and marketing target from the Indian OEMs and operators. Both parts of the mobile ecosystem have in the past made attempts to support the Indian consumer with unique offers for Facebook use. Here are some examples:

  • Tata Docomo lets users check-in on Facebook without a data connection
  • Vodafone introduced a Facebook feature phone for $100
  • HTC had attempted a Facebook phone a few years ago with the HTC ChaCha
  • INQ launched a phone aimed at Facebook users

Point being, companies in India have seen a market in a “Facebook phone” for a few years, and Facebook Home will act as a solid podium to offer these services. Feels like Facebook doesn’t have a fiscal advantage in doing a big splash launch in India, the operators & phone manufacturers would be more than willing to leverage Facebook Home as a Marketing publicity-stunt to sell.

Facebook Home advancing any grip in India regardless of pointing out the following:

  • India is a second largest Android market
  • India’s mobile handset market saw a growth of 75% in the second half of 2012
  • India has the third largest Facebook user-base.

It is pointed out that apps like Nimbuzz and WhatsApp will be a roadblock for Facebook Home, that’s something very hard to take in or even believe. Messaging apps have affected carriers but that affecting Facebook Home’s adoption given that carriers will do anything to sell services that are a very amateurish prediction.

India is a good market for Facebook Home, not necessarily Facebook the company.