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SAP Cloud services

SAP to craft cloud services for vertical industries

SAP plans to eventually envelop 25 industries with a new chain of industry-specific cloud services.

SAP Cloud services
SAP Cloud services

SAP is hoping to snatch a bigger piece of the money its customers spend on cloud-based software by crafting a new series of industry-specific services.

The declaration comes on the eve of SAP’s Sapphire conference in Orlando and a couple of months after Salesforce said it planned to go after six verticals in its own bid for further growth.

SAP’s goals are broader, with the aim of eventually wrapping all 25 industries it now serves, according to the announcement.

Working in industries with highly specialized challenges, they will focusing on their customers’ most relevant business problems and then work creatively and collaboratively to develop industry cloud solutions.

SAP has already made some steps in the direction of industry-specific cloud services. Latest announcement cited a preconfigured ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) that suite for chemical companies; the Circular Authority for Insurance application; and the use of its Hana in-memory computing platform by a number of health care startups.

While the announcement may amount to SAP putting a stake in the ground, it’s an important one for the company to make, according to one observer.

Customers are whirling to other vendors in the cloud like Veeva for pharma, Accela for public sector and others.

Targeting industries acts to SAP’s strength “and customers are looking forward for this.